Our Company

Varga Cseppek Kft  produces herbal based, all natural cosmetics with specially enhanced efficacy. Varga preparations are made by a unique manufacturing procedure based on the interactions of the active agents of medicinal herbs. Varga products provide gentle and, at the same time, exceptionally effective care.

Miklos Varga

The founder of the company, Miklos Varga has managed to develop his own, unique methods in the field of preparing, mixing herbal medicine. Through a great number of experiments he discovered some special mechanisms of herbal preparations, which enabled him to develop herbal medicine and cosmetics with outstanding qualities.

The first product of the company, Varga Hair Loss Lotion brought considerable success and led to the development of further products, such as the Varga herbal regenerating rub lotion which is licensed as a product meant for the regenerating of slighter injuries and cosmetic purposes. Later, however, the product was tested by athletes and it became clear that it supports and accelerates the healing of the various injuries due to its anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, and regenerating effect. The product has been approved as doping free by an accredited laboratory and is now widely used by athletes of different sports in Hungary.