Our Products

Varga Regenerating Herbal Rub Lotion:

The lotion contains medicinal herbs with anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and soothing qualities. Recommended for rubbing smaller bruises, strains and painful parts of the body. It regenerates, cools and nourishes the skin, giving a pleasant, relaxing feeling. Especially recommended for people regularly doing sports or strong physical activities.

Varga Hair Loss Lotion:

An effective way to stop hair loss and regrow hair. It is an advanced hair loss solution with fast-acting herbal ingredients that stops or reduces hair loss within 2 to 8 weeks.

The natural active agents in the hair lotion revitalise dormant but living hair follicles and hair growth starts again.

Varga Hair Strengthening Lotion:

A pure and concentrated extract of 21 herbs that contains herbal active ingredients and hair-building components. After a few weeks of applying the lotion daily, it fortifies the structure of hair and gives volume. Stops brittleness and split ends, makes hair stronger and improves its flexibility. Especially recommended for revitalising exhausted, lifeless hair due to daily hair maintenance and dyeing.

Varga Herbal Shampoo:

Its concentrated active ingredients nourish and revitalise hair follicles and help to maintain healthy hair.Use together with Varga Hair Loss Lotion or Varga Hair Strengthening Lotion.

Varga Foot Care Spray:

Decreases feeling of tiredness, invigorates legs, prevents tiredness of the legs.  Relieves legs tired from extended and heavy activities or prolonged shoe wearing.  Especially recommended in case of professional sport or heavy standing work.  The active ingredients of the medicinal herbs in the preparation have anti-inflammatory qualities, beneficial effects on blood circulation.

Varga Foot Spray – against unpleasant odours:

Reduces perspiration and eliminates foot odour caused by intensive physical activity. The active herbal ingredients do not cover foot odour but prevent its production.  Provides unique comfort to your feet. After a week of daily use it is enough to apply only once a week, or twice a week when circumstances require to keep your feet odour free.  It also reduces cracking of the skin, helps to heal injuries and assists skin regeneration.  Spray several puffs on your feet  and massage it in gently.