Scientific Background

I am Miklós Varga, the owner of Varga Cseppek Kft. Herbal Manufactory. My company, founded in 2003, has sold nearly 1.7 million self-developed herbal products with regenerating effect in Hungary and abroad so far. I have several decades of experience in the development of various herbal preparations with medical effect, and my extensive knowledge in this field has helped me to create a therapy for sports injuries, which allows injured athletes to significantly reduce their recovery time.

The most important resources of professional sports clubs are the athletes themselves, as their performance directly influences the sporting and financial results of the clubs. Hence, clubs suffer huge financial and professional damage, so that even with today’s most advanced medical care, it is not possible to significantly reduce the return time of the injured athletes. In contrast to other treatments applied today, our Varga Regeneration Therapy provides a significantly faster recovery of injured athletes due to its strong anti-inflammatory effect. Our therapy is currently the only treatment that can relieve the severity of muscle and tendon injuries within a few hours after the occurrence of the injury and can stop the onset of symptoms (swelling, haemorrhage). Our conservative therapy reduces the time of the return of the injured athletes to sport to the half or to the third of the general recovery time in the majority of cases, thus providing the clubs with an exceptional opportunity to significantly reduce the losses from sports injuries.

Our therapy is a solution that has often been proved by everyday practice (e.g. it has been used at a Hungarian sports academy for 5 years). Evidence of the effectiveness of our therapy is very simple as its users can experience its effectiveness as soon as a few hours. The outstanding anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the therapeutic method were confirmed in 2013 by the results of extensive drug impact studies carried out by the Pharmacology Institute of the University of Pécs. The product was tested in the WESSLING accredited laboratory in 2013 and it was declared a doping-free treatment.

Considering that our conservative sports injury treatment provides an exceptionally fast recovery, it would also bring considerable benefits for clubs with most modern medical care as well. Nevertheless, it has been obvious to us from the beginnings that our small family company – despite the unique results and enormous benefits of the Varga Regeneration therapy – will not be able to take serious steps to make the product widely available. As it is a worldwide problem to reduce the recovery time of injured athletes, it is our main goal that our therapy should become a central element of a new sports injury treatment ensuring faster and more effective recovery.